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It has been an exciting and successful 13 years for Angelo & Anna Georgoussis. Prior to becoming full time in the real estate sales industry, their paths were a little different. Angelo owned Benchmark Automotive, a used car dealership and Anna was a commercial real estate law clerk. At that time they conducted personal transactions and a few deals for friends and family. With two toddlers at home and their full time work, they did not fit in the opportunity to market themselves in real estate.

Flash forward to 2016, Angelo & Anna Georgoussis began slowly shifting focus more into real estate sales. They started developing greater visibility for themselves. Managing both the car dealership, real estate and their family became increasingly difficult. Thus, the car dealership was sold and Angelo & Anna Georgoussis found new delight working with sellers and buyers. 

Their secret to success has been hard work and the fact that they enjoy renovating, staging, marketing, open houses and everything else related to buying and selling real estate. Clients are always first priority and they are told what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Honesty and transparency is paramount. Angelo & Anna Georgoussis never up-sell just to secure a deal.


Why use our services?


Let us look at some reasons why you should utilize our services.


  • Highlight Your Property: Our team captures professional as well as stunning photographs of your property with the aim of showcasing the same in the best possible manner.

  • Experienced Negotiators: Our experienced negotiators with local knowledge in the Toronto, GTA area will be able to get the best deal for you, whether you want to buy or sell a home.

  • Help You Get the Right Price: We have several years of industry experience and as such, we will be able to get you the price you are seeking or even more.

  • Complete Support and Guidance: As expert realtors, we provide support during the entire selling process, right from renovation to staging, marketing, open houses, and actual sale of your house.


We will work hard to meet your requirements. We will analyze your needs as well as interests, thoroughly research all available possibilities, and by utilizing our extensive knowledge of Toronto and surrounding GTA areas, we will locate the right property for you. In addition, we believe in offering the highest level of customer service to every buyer and seller.

Want to buy or sell a home or a commercial property? Rely on Us – One of The Best Realtors in Toronto!

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