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Our team comprises people who have good experience in selling and buying of homes in Toronto, GTA area. Here is a brief introduction to our team members.

Anna Broker

Anna Georgoussis became a licensed real estate salesperson in 2010 to begin working on personal transactions and projects with her husband, Angelo Georgoussis. Prior to becoming licensed, Anna was employed at a top small boutique law firm in downtown Toronto as a commercial real estate law clerk. Her role at the firm involved performing title and corporate searches for multi-million dollar commercial loans, sale and purchase transactions and handled mortgage renewals.


Working at the law firm was a great learning phase for Anna and helped her grow as a person. She entered the workforce after completing her post secondary and the experience and guidance she gained working for the

firm shaped her into the person she is today. Thanks BRC!


Anna Georgoussis learned a lot about life and also the legal side of the real estate industry. However, apart from knowing the legal side, Anna wanted to be on the sales floor of real estate in Toronto. It was a difficult decision for Anna, but after 7 years she left the firm to help her husband as his car dealership was growing rapidly. Anna brings this wonderful abundance of knowledge and understanding to the team.

Angelo Sales Representative

Angelo Georgoussis became a licensed real estate salesperson in 2009 to begin working on personal transactions. He purchased, renovated and sold many homes in the last 13 years. Angelo has an eye for what can become of an old and gloomy home!


Angelo Georgoussis has been in sales right from his early teens, although some believe he was born with his talents. His first passion was cars and nothing has changed in this regard. Right from the age of 13 he was buying, reconditioning and then selling cars. It was a hobby he loved and still enjoys.


He sold his first car at 14 and made a decent profit out of it. Following his post secondary education, he was employed at Parkway Honda where he showed his prowess in sales. He was top in sales every month and all throughout his 6 year tenure at the dealership. In addition, he was #7 in Canada for sales.


After leaving Honda, Angelo opened his own used car dealership, Benchmark Automotive. It turned out to be a successful business endeavour. Angelo Georgoussis is driven, hard working and passionate about his work. 


Angelo brings a plethora of knowledge in sales and is an excellent negotiator! If you want to sell high and buy low, call Angelo!

The best thing about Anna & Angelo Georgoussis' work is their passion, which is clearly evident in how each and every property is presented. They personally oversee all the renovation work whether it is big or small for their clients to spruce up their homes. They suggest renovation work only when it would be the right thing to do and will fit into the client's budget. Every property is unique. They also do personal projects wherein they purchase the slum house of the neighbourhood and bring it back to life. 


Anna and Angelo divide and conquer, are client focused realtors and passionate about providing each and every client an exceptional experience. 

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