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Wall Colour Trends For 2021

Are you planning to give your walls a fresh coat of paint? Confused about which colour to choose? If you are facing these questions, this blog is for you. In this post we will be exploring which colours are right for your home. You can choose a colour combination depending on your personal preferences and/or existing styles in your home.

Top Wall Color Trends for 2021

Warm Blues

Warm blues are able to totally alter the mood in a room. For instance, blueprint hue, which is a bit lighter compared to navy can easily draw the attention of anyone entering the room. It is a wall colour trend that will never go out of fashion.

Dark Green

Dark tones of green combine well with the style of any home and create a subtle yet bold statement. You can use dark green in different ways, for example, it can be used on an accent wall or even on cabinetry.

Mix of Gray

One of the wall colours trending in 2021 consists of a mix of gray and white, that provides subtle accents to your home. The feature that makes it a favorite is its coolness and depth.

Moreover, it proves to be the right color that perfectly works with reddish or dark wooden cabinets and flooring. By using gray, you will be able to retain earthy tones and at the same time, give your rooms character.


One of the well-known Earth tones, and is a wall colour that is trending in 2021. It is one of those versatile natural tone colors which is warm and at the same time quite rustic in its look and feel.

Muted Pastels

Muted pastels such as light yellow, blue, or pink are the perfect accent colors for the hallway. Such pastel colors look very refreshing and increase aesthetic appeal of any room they are used in.

Aegean Teal

It is a wall colour that is trending right now and is known to calm as well as balance a space. It also makes the room a lot more welcoming as well as warm.

Another good thing about this colour is that it works well with neutral colours such as hues of soft cream and warm beiges. When used in conjunction with gray undertones, it helps in ensuring that a room retains its sophisticated look and feel.

Warm Bronze

Warm bronze is a colour that instills a feeling of calmness and stability in any place it is used in. This is a colour which you can use for creating your personal haven.

Dusty Teal

It is one of those neutral colours that works perfectly well with a variety of colors such as pale woods, peach, navy, camel, etc. It is also a calming as well as deep colour that will help in enhancing aesthetic appeal of your home.

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