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Top 8 Upgrades That Sell Homes

Looking to sell your home? Here, we will look at few of the important upgrades and home improvements that will help you in selling your home quickly and for more money.

Upgrades That Sell Homes

Improving Curb Appeal

If you want to impart a good first impression on home buyers, then improving curb appeal will be an important task to do. A few of the things you can do include:

Replacement of Front Facing Doors | Improving the Landscaping | Putting on a Fresh Coat

  • Replacement of Front Facing Doors: If the garage or front door looks worn out then replacing them would be the right thing to do. If they are still in good condition then what you can do is paint the doors, clean the nearby area, and plant flowers. Even the state of your mailbox will set the right impression to home buyers. These small steps will help in improving curb appeal of your home.

  • Improving the Landscaping: Trim the bushes, ensure lawn remains well cut, and take care of the flower beds to spruce up your home’s landscaping.

  • Add a Backyard Fence: If the backyard does not have a fence then adding one will be the right thing to do. Such step will be appealing for prospective home buyers who have young children and also for those who have dogs so that they can let their dogs play around within the enclosed area.

Enhancing the Interiors

In addition to improving the curb appeal, you will have to focus on enhancing the interiors. A few aspects that you need to look into are:

Repaint Interiors | Update Hardware | Make Incremental Improvements | Improve Storage Space | Add a Backyard Fence

  • Repaint Interiors: Interiors look much better when they are repainted and get a fresh look and feel. For instance, you can repaint trims and walls to enhance aesthetic appeal of your home. Ideally, you should repaint using neutral colors so that prospective buyers can imagine living in the home without the need to repaint the home again as per their own preferences.

  • Update Hardware: Knobs and hinges tend to wear with time and may look outdated as well. Thus, the right thing to do will be to update the hardware in your home and improve appearance of your home. This small investment can go a long way in making buyers feel like the home is actual more move in ready and less dated.

  • Make Incremental Improvements: For many buyers, bathroom and kitchen are the two most important sections of your home that they are most interested in checking. Thus, you should opt for incremental alterations in these two rooms. For instance, you can paint the cabinets in the kitchen or install new flooring in the bathroom. Similarly, updating the light fixtures can make the rooms a lot more appealing.

  • Improve Storage Space: Buyers are more interested in home where they get a lot of storage space. As such, if there are areas in your home such as crawlspace or attic that can be converted into storage space then work on such conversions since it will help to augment marketability and selling prospects of your home.

  • Putting on a Fresh Coat: If the home has not been painted for long then painting your home will give it a fresh look. In addition, you should also consider replacement of worn-out siding and storm shutters.

To conclude we can say that if you follow the above-mentioned tips then selling your home will become much easier. Having the right agent who can make your home more appealing to buyers is very important. We have the trades and resources for the items mentioned in this blog as well as many others. Give us a call or email to discuss how to make your home more appealing to buyers in your market.

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