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Getting Your Home Ready for the Spring Market

If you are getting your home ready for the Spring market, then taking the right steps will be important. Renovating and repairing worn out, outdated or damaged items will help in improving the presentation of your home, achieve a successful sale and of course the right price. Below we look at the crucial steps you need to take. There are many more, but we’ll discuss a few.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Spring Market

Declutter Your Home

We can’t stress this enough. You need to declutter your home. For instance, if there are several items on kitchen counters, too much furniture, décor and miscellaneous items stuffed into a space, buyers can easily be distracted.

Decluttering your home will prove to be very useful when you stage the house and it helps to make the rooms appear spacious. Buyers will be attracted to the features of the home, rather than then be distracted by personal items all over the place. By decluttering, you also get to kick start the packing process!

Provide a Black Canvas

It will be easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the house when there are no family pictures or other personal items in visible areas of the home.

Similarly, you need to keep note of the fact that if there are religious items, then it is likely that not every prospective home buyer will be able to resonate with them the same. Another option is to paint the house in neutral colors.

Perform Thorough Cleaning

Focus on thorough cleaning of your home: from the window sills, carpets, bleaching grouts, scrubbing cook tops and other kitchen appliances, dusting fans, cleaning showers, toilets, etc.

A properly cleaned home will tell prospects that the home has been maintained and is in good condition.

Pay Attention to Lighting

One of our favourites! Bright lighting will prove to be helpful in developing an ambient environment so that buyers will get a welcoming and warm feeling. In addition, wipe down blinds and wash curtains so that they allow plenty of natural light to come into your home.

Get Rid of Musty Odors

If there are foul smells, then it will create a bad impression on your prospects. It can even be a deal breaker sometimes. Various odors and musty storage sections will prove to be counter-productive in your efforts to sell the house.

Deep cleaning, using air filters, or in more serious situations, using services of professionals to get rid of the odors are all solutions that you will need to ponder. There are companies who offer odor removal services and from experience we can definitely vouch for them.

Organize Storage

Potential Buyers want to check everything when they visit a property, including the storage areas. They want to understand how much storage space is available in your home.

Store items in bins and basket so that the closets look organized. If everything appears to be organized, then buyers will get an impression that you care for your home.

Do the Landscaping

Another one of our favourites. A well-kept lawn enhances home’s curb appeal and indicates that you also maintain your home well. Apart from raking the leaves and mowing the yards, a few of the other things that you should do is prune bushes and branches and pull up any weeds.

Is your home ready for the spring market?

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