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Checking the health of a building when purchasing a condo

If you are planning to purchase a condo then thoroughly checking the health of the building will be the right thing to do and give you the satisfaction that buying any particular condo will be the right decision. You need to appoint a professional inspector to make sure all the probable issues are checked beforehand so that you do not have to face surprises after purchasing the condo. Let us check some of the details that must be inspected.

Examine Doors and Windows

You need to check whether the windows seal properly when they are closed so as to prevent air from entering. Moreover, doors should be low enough so that air is not able to enter from under the door. Make sure doors are sliding silently as well as all the locks are fully functional.

Check Floors and Ceiling

Make sure there are no stains or spots on the ceilings, which usually suggest a plumbing leak. You should also measure the space between floors and the baseboards to judge durability of the flooring. Similarly, if there are loose tiles then it will indicate that the condo was affected during a flooding incidence.

Additionally, cracks in walls will mean that there is an issue with the foundation. In case, floors appear to be sloping, then the problem could be damage or warping due to water damage. The siding is also checked for damage or wear.

Examine Plumbing Issues

If there are plumbing issues, rectifying them after you have purchased the condo can be an expensive endeavor. As such, you need to perform necessary inspections beforehand. During inspection leaks close to pipes are examined, flushes and sinks are turned on to analyze water pressure, and a section close to the shower is checked for water damage.

Electrical Outlets and Appliances

Inspection will be necessary to evaluate whether all the appliances are in good condition. Electrical outlets are also to be checked and the working order of ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs will also be examined.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Another important aspect is checking the air conditioning and heating system. Check whether ducts are cleaned, and filters being changed. In addition, check the running costs for these units in winter as well as summer months. Have an inspector examine electrical panel to know whether breakers are in proper condition. Moreover, if it is a high-rise condo then radon testing also becomes necessary.

A Final Note

From the above details inspecting a condo before buying it is quite important and helps you understand if there are any serious issues. A professional condo inspection will save you costly renovations after the condo is purchased.

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