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Backyard Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

What are some of the backyard improvement ideas that increase the appeal of your home as well as add resale value?

Let’s explore!

Top Backyard Improvement Ideas

Patio Deck

The good thing about this addition is that it will help you spend more time in the newly created outdoor space and make your home a lot more marketable and attractive to potential buyers. It will become the right place to entertain your guests and host dinner parties. The price will vary based on the features that are added to the patio deck.

Sitting Zone

A sitting area will further enhance aesthetics and the curb appeal of your backyard. Such space can be used for hosting a family get-together or a birthday party. Your outdoor space becomes complete when you have adequate seating areas in the backyard. A quiet and fun oasis all at the same time.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you are looking to attract luxury buyers then this would be one of the additions that you need to have in your backyard.

Having an outdoor kitchen will make entertaining guests a breeze and the indoor space will not be getting dirty. An outdoor kitchen will create a unique ambiance as well as augment open air experience for guest and family members alike.

Lawn and Landscaping

Lawn with its own irrigation system will be a great addition to your home and increase your home’s resale value. The irrigation system will ensure that the lawn always appears lush and green.

Similarly, landscaping done correctly will provide a comfy feel in your backyard. If climbers, boxwood shrubs, and similar other options can be used in conjunction with any type of fencing for creating a secluded space in your backyard.

An Outdoor Pool and Shower

A backyard pool can certainly become a big draw with potential buyers. You can make things even more interesting with the installation of an outdoor shower or even a bathroom! This way you or your guests can have a shower before they move inside the house and be clean, without much chlorine on them.

Fire Pit

If regulations in your region do not restrict, installing a fire pit will be an interesting addition to your backyard. It will become an important design element of your home and increase the home’s value, irrespective of whether it is mobile or permanent fire pit.

Improve Softscaping

Hardscaping consists of constructing structures such as outdoor kitchen, pool, or deck. On the other hand, softscaping refers to lawns living elements.

For example, softscaping would involve planting shrubs, trees, perennials, use of boulder accents, and natural edging. In addition, statistics reveal that such softscaping tends to provide 100% ROI when you plan to sell your house.

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